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Friday, March 30, 2012

Baghdatis is Outshined when it comes to Breaking Rackets

Marcos Baghdatis became a household name and a youtube favorite, with his destruction of tennis rackets at the Australian Open. Don't remember, here it is

Baghdatis breaking rackets on

I am sure Baghdatis would rather be remembered for his brilliant play that got him to an Aussie Open Final, but there is no doubt in this social media bonanza world we live in that his racket breaking brought him more attention.

While Marcos sets the record to my knowledge for the number of rackets broken in one match, all at one time, sometimes the type of break is even more impressive. This is a real man's racket breaking:

I will leave the perpetrator unnamed, but let's just say he "went all in"! Racket breaking can happen even to the best, most calm players. Remember Roger Federer's breaker at Miami in 2009?

Roger breaks a racket, for real

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Playing Tennis with your Beginning Child

So you want to play tennis with your child but you don't want to be a pushy parent? Or your child does not want to turn it into a lesson? Joe Dinoffer provides some great information about how to play tennis with a beginning child in a fun way.

Joe Dinoffer Playing Tennis with your Beginning Child

I really enjoyed the creative ideas Joe gives for engaging your beginning tennis player in a fun learning environment. You do not have to be a taskmaster for your child to learn on the court!