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Parenting Aces Show with Lisa Stone talking about Parenting in Tennis

Athletes Audio Interview on Coach Education 


Dr. Larry Making Parents a Part of Your Team for the ASEP Successful Coaching Webinar Series 

Written Resources

TennisPro Magazine Looking Back to Move Forward: Four Steps for Improving Your Coaching in 2012 (posted with permission of the PTR)

PTR Exhibition of Conviction Djokovic Nadal (posted with permission of the PTR)

Glass is Half Full Thinking (AASP website) - good article for players focused more on what they will not be able to do and limiting their potential

Self-Handicapping (Podium) - a good read for players that predict how they are going to do before the match and then play either tight or unfocused

Developing the Practice Intensity Habit (Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, MSU) - looking to improve the practice habits of your players? This article gives coaches the basics for upping the intensity in practice.

Learning from Watching the Pros (US Open article; Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, MSU)


APIVEO – Always Play 4 Each Other - APIVEO™ supports volunteer youth coaches by giving them simple, positive and age appropriate life and leadership lessons to share with their team. Our mission is to provide fresh content through this site as well as tangible materials for coaches, players and parents.

Parenting Aces - a blog written by a tennis mom for tennis parents. 

Self Growth -  online self improvement community, find an expert on any self improvement topic