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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Serena Williams Quote on Belief

Serena Williams is the most dominant women's tennis player in the last decade. When she is focused and on top of her game she imposes her will on her opponent. Her sheer physicality and sense of belief, while being abstract feelings, win her points, games, and matches.

What I appreciate most about Serena is her self-belief. She believes that she should win every match she plays and is going to win or lose on her terms - playing her game. I believe this quote sums up well the deep well of self-belief that makes Serena Williams an all-time great:

“I believe in my game, and I believe in me.  At the end of the day, I’m my biggest fan. Well, maybe my dad. But other than that, you have to be your biggest fan. I’m working on trying to stay positive.”
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What is most interesting about this quote is that she is "working on trying to stay positive". Most of us reading this quote would say "what"? Serena needs to work on her confidence. Yeah, even Serena. Confidence, while seeming to be a constant, is actually something that ebbs and flows. Confidence dips and peaks with the results and performances.

So learn from Serena. Keep working to accept who you are, focus on your strengths and believe in your potential. Be aware of how you are talking to your self and practice the 2 Ps every day - thinking positive and productive.

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