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Thursday, May 17, 2012

French Open 2012 Blog Begins May 27

The 2012 French Open is just around the corner. Qualifying begins on May 22. I will be blogging about the French Open starting May 27th.

The blog will focus on key matches and the mental dynamics that occurred in those matches. I will attempt to show how players were able to mentally win or lose matches and then boil that in to lessons for junior players, coaches, and parents.

In the meantime enjoy the Italian Open and get mentally ready for some grinding tennis from Roland Garros.


  1. Yup the exciting begins tomorrow!! Check here schedule etc - Roland Garros 2012 Schedule

  2. Hi check french open 2012 schedule, order of play, point distribution, results and more here
    French Open 2012 Schedule

  3. Can we please tell Mark Woodford to talk less during play, learn from Mr Stolle. Thank you.