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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three Slams and the Olympics Makes it A Grueling, Pressure-Packed Summer of Tennis

Did you realize that between May 27th, the start of the French Open, until September 9th, the final of the US Open, the men and women will play three Grand Slams and the Olympics?

The French Open which started Sunday begins the trek. Then, next comes Wimbledon followed by the Olympics at Wimbledon, and finally the US Open. Do you think Rafa will show up for Davis Cup vs. the United States the week after the US Open? Don't bet on it.

If you break it down that is 6 weeks of Grand Slam tennis and at least 1 week of Olympic Tennis. In the 15 weeks or 105 days during this time period. There is the potential for players to compete in a Slam or at the Olympics in 27 matches. That is more than 1 every four days! And, that does not account for the hot summer grass court tournaments in Europe, and the usually sweltering summer stops in the United States.

I would expect upsets, retirements and injuries, and no one to run the gamut. It is asking way too much for any player to win all of these matches. Let's just hope that players can avoid bad injuries. Agassi won 24 straight matches in the US summer tour only to lose the final match at the US Open to Pete Sampras. Agassi felt drained and talked about how he really was affected for some time by losing that match.

If you a tennis fan this is the best stretch of tennis ever! Fed at Wimbledon during the Olympics? Amazing. The pressure and the stories will be off the charts.

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